G-Dragon Crooked Me Up


“GD oppa annyeong~~~ 

This is finally my time to write about you. I think you’re shining too brightly so me sometimes can’t see your whole figure. I’m exploding now because of you. Your recent song/music video just killed me harshly successfully. Why you did this to me?   I’m talking about that one. Crooked. It just crooked my heart, my brain, my whole body HELP *dying*.  I can’t stop listen to it. LOVE IT VERY MUCH. You’re cool. You’re REAL ARTIST. I’m so proud as VIP. You did your very best for this album indeed. Few days ago you released Coup D’ Etat MV and i love it so much as well but this time in addition to love it, i get hurt so badly hearing this Crooked song. Both of them are awesome with different taste each other.

GD crooked MV.mp4_000107565 GD crooked MV.mp4_000119369

I will make confession now. Continue reading


How I Fall into SHINHWA

972161_421344081319224_368747524_n   I am a VIP. I am one of Bigbang fans. I love TOP so much. People will know in seconds just by looking this page. But now my fangirling world has added a bunch (?) of people which is called as SHINHWA. Who are they? why do i love them?

SHINHWA is a boyband group which debuted in march 24th 1998. They are one and only korean group that long last up to 15 years already #clapclap. Continue reading