How I Fall into SHINHWA

972161_421344081319224_368747524_n   I am a VIP. I am one of Bigbang fans. I love TOP so much. People will know in seconds just by looking this page. But now my fangirling world has added a bunch (?) of people which is called as SHINHWA. Who are they? why do i love them?

SHINHWA is a boyband group which debuted in march 24th 1998. They are one and only korean group that long last up to 15 years already #clapclap. Yes, they have existed long before Bigbang formed in 2006. My first acquaintancenship with these 6 oppas was last month, unpurposely. Shinhwa did comeback to K-pop world in 2012 (in 4 years as they had to do conscrption) by released their 10th album called “The Return” and appeared in TV program “Shinhwa Broadcast” as well. This Shinhwa Broadcast is   a kind of variety show which is so much fun to watch since Shinhwa known as Gods of entertaining. I just can’t avoid my destiny to be a Shinhwa Changjo (Shinhwa’s Fandom) HAHAHA. I bet you probably would run into my situation if you’re being me. They are too adorable to be resented and too cute to be ignored. You know, they are not in young-fresh-cute state indeed, but you won’t disagree if i say they have so many charms to be loved by their loyal and new fans up till this time being.  In that moment i was so blind about their music and purely like them based on crazy dorky personalities i had seen.

As a VIP, firstly i really couldn’t tell that i would be a part of Shinhwa Changjo AT ALL. Being a VIP has already made me exhausted (even more as TOP stan, the cave man), so i tried(so hard, honestly, and failed eventually) to not in love with another figures. BUT as i said before, my fate to be SHCJ can’t be avoided further more (okay this is lil exaggerate n_n).

Why does Shinhwa can survived in long time despite most of groups had disbanded after 5-6 years formed?? One word, Loyalty. Initially, Shinhwa debuted as group from SM Ent. Then in 2003 when their bond ended officially, SM intended some of Shinhwa members (Eric is one of them) to re-new their contract as solo artists. Yet luckily Eric declined the offer and fight for Shinhwa’s presence just like it supposed to be #proud #touched T_T.  Finally, they formed their own management, Shinhwa Company in 2011 with Eric and Minwoo as the C.E.O and other members as the shareholders #daebak .

Now, it’s time to introduce the members of this group.

ERIC MUN is the oldest member, in charges as Leader  and main rapper in Shinhwa and an actor as well. Born in Seoul, February 16, 1979 as Mun Jeong Hyeok and moved with his family in Los Angeles, California, USA then attended  John Burroughs Middle School and  Parks Junior High Schooland Sunny Hills High School. He has 2 older sister.  I love him the most because he has unique personality. In my opinion, his character resembles TOP in many ways. They have 4D character, so cool yet so clumsy , and amusing unexpectedly. So i think i would like men like ‘as good as’ them easily kkkkk (don’t forget their look too :p).

Leader Eric

Leader Eric

LEE MIN WOO is vocalist, main dancer, and composer in Shinhwa. Born in February 28, 1979 and known as the best speaker with accent lol. Min woo oppa is someone who really loves to chum around and people would like him in a flash. As i have seen so far, he’s the most passionate member in whatsoever he does. One thing i barely endure about him is HE LOVES SKINSHIP SO MUCH, especially kissing the members (OMG andwaeeeee #hueks).

Minwoo Oppa

Minwoo Oppa

KIM DONG WAN is Shinhwa’s vocalist and has acting career just like Eric does. Born in November 21, 1979. Despite Eric is the oldest, Dongwan grows the wrinkles properly (haha mian oppa) so that he often called as abeoji *father* kekekeke. In Shinhwa Broadcast, Dongwan was known as Dong blackhole because of his lacks of many games they had to do. But literally, i like him with all his imperfections and pureness ^^

Dongwan Oppa

Dongwan Oppa

Next, SHIN HYE SUNG. He is the lead vocalist in Shinhwa and the only one who hasn’t done any acting experience since debut. Born in November 27, 1979 as Jung pil Kyo. Hyesung is the most annoying among Shinhwa members (peace i’m just being honest ^^v). Basically, he is shy and clumsy yet so talkative and nags frequently (annoying, right? ). He is pairing with Eric as ‘Water and Oil’. Their relationship is so unusual  and so funny to watch their interaction each other. When Eric approaches Hyesung, most of time he’ll get rejected (poor eric kkk) but sometimes they can be so close and look like best friends ever. Even fans call them as RicSyung couple and so famous in their fandom.

Hyesung Oppa

Hyesung Oppa

JUN JIN is in charges as vocalist, main dancer and rapper as well. Born in August 19, 1980 as Park Choong Jae. His father is singer Charlie Park and they have good relationship though their family life didn’t proceed well as his mother left them because of his father’s wandering lifestyle. I really like Junjin oppa as the funniest and most entertaining member.

Junjin oppa

Junjin oppa

Last, ANDY LEE. Maknae (the youngest) of this group is in charges as rapper. Born in January 21, 1981 as Lee Sun ho. Andy also lived in LA and attended same school as Eric before their debuted as Shinhwa. Andy oppa is typical quiet person, opposites with Hyesung oppa lol. But thanks to Shinhwa Broadcast, we eventually know his real personality, that is Zomdy or Zombie Andy #whaatt . Andy also known as the producer of boyband Korea Teen Top.

Andy Oppa

Andy Oppa

I’ve heard some of their songs, and enjoy them so much, like Venus, Hurts, On the Road, I Gave You, and New Me. If you wanna know their songs completely, kindly visit this page

Check their live performances below  too 🙂

Hope you guys have fun read my first English article, i’m learning and keep improving my ability by doing this. Thank You ^^


20 thoughts on “How I Fall into SHINHWA

  1. welcome to the fandom! 😀

    Just a slight clarification, Eric was born in Seoul. His family migrated to the US probably when Eric started in middle school. Eric went back to Korea after he finished high school. so he probably was in the US for about 5-6 years? 😀

    Eric had US citizenship but he gave it up to serve out his army duty in 2008
    It was the similar with Andy. Though Andy’s family migrated to the US a few years before Eric’s.

    I heard Eric was accepted to UCLA in the US but he decided to return to Korea 🙂

  2. Shinhwa’s charm…. tidak bisa diabaikan! terlalu silauuu!!! *pasang kacamata item* XD. Loyalitas, friendship, brothership, musik yang bagus, hardworking mid-30’, mateng! XD

    I’m Syung bias and……… gue dulu ga suka BANGET sama dia karnaa kagak bisa diem! Nags-nya itulooohh, kagak nahaaann… XD, tapi pada akhirnya..saya tau itu adalah kelebihan sekaligus kekurangan syung yang bikin aye makin kebat kebit cinte ame tuh abang, hahaha. Suara Hyesung itu baguuss T.T, album Winter Poetry itu album solo Syung yang paling aku suka. Musik dan lagu-lagunya bikin hati..adeeem…suaranya yang bening bikin nyesss *lebey

    Aku suka duet ricsyung, Hello & Goodbye. Try to listen to it deh… bagus loh^^
    Lagu shinhwa yang aku suka itu, banyak! Hampir semua title track mereka aku suka, dari Resolver sampe This Love. Brand New itu lagu jadul tapi kece badai,kkk. MV favorit aku itu Venus, Angel (ricsyung! kya kya!) sama Run (oppars jadi gangster tapi lawak gitu tampangnya,hahaha)

    Psst, walo aku suka syung..tapi kadang-kadang alias seringkali aku ga bisa nahan pesona 5 oppars lainnya… eric yang ganteng Masya Allah tapi 4D abis…., Minwoo yang kalo senyum duh meleleh hati gue, Dongwan yang kadang ero dan blackhole tapi wise dan aktingnya kece badai, Choongjae alias junjin yang tampannya luar binasa pengen gue culik haha, dan cutie pie Andy yang duuuhhh…udah om-om tapi kok masing cute cute ya..kkkk

    Duuh, pengen komen pnjang2, tapi ntar malah ngespam,hahaha. Welcome to the orange world! 😀

    • LOL heboh yaaaa
      hihihi iya aku jg gak nyangka bakal jadi bagian dari changjo hahaha
      wah bagi2 lagi dong yg seru2 aku suka bgt juga liat RicSyung, soalnya mereka hubungannya unik banget hehehe
      thank you anyway for ur warm welcome 😀

      • hihihi heboh dooong,kkk. Udah pernah nonton pilem ato dramanya eric belom? Aku paling suka Super Rookie.. itu somplak banget dah si eric! cupu tapi gantengnya ga senahan! Kalo yang terbaru itu Spy Myungwool, eric-nya cakep badai tapi aku ga terlalu suka jalan ceritanya,hahaha. Kalo soal akting aku lebih prefer dongwan, apalagi di Cheer Up! Mr, Kim, itu aktingnya bagus..cuma dramanya sampe 124 episode! Yah..namanya juga daily drama,hahaha.

        RicSyung itu….ughhhh..sesuatu banget! Bikin gret2an… duuuhh, kalo kamu maen di tumblr, coba klik tag ricsyung deh, duuh banyak banget itu..XD. Aku aja sampe koleksi foto dan video mereka… bahkan ga sadar kalo udah 400 lebih coba -_-“, karna RicSyung itu… bikin deg2an LOL

      • baru sempet liat spy myungwol itupun br nonton ep 1 LOL iya sih kalo diliat gak terlalu keren, apalagi ratingnya,,hahaha
        bakal donload super rookie deh kyanya
        punya sih akun tumblr,tp lupa pw nya wkwkwk
        iya bner bgt liat interaksi RicSyung itu kocak dan bikin gemesssss kenapa HS sampe segitunya ke Eric dan Ericnya juga pantang menyerah dan suka bngt godain HS kkkkk sampe di SB mau2nya bersaing sama ddong aliat tai* LOL sumpah si Eric hopeless bgt XD

      • kkkk,selamat mendonloooddd

        hati2 ya kalo udah masuk ke lingkaran ricsyung…kemungkinan 98% akan sulit keluar! LOL XD
        duuhh..ricsyung..duuuhh…padahal dulunya mereka sempet sekamar looh pas jaman jadul taun berapaan gitu.. dan akrab banget..bukan kaya sekarang (sok) awkward gimana gituuh, tapi…semakin syung menghindar…semakin eric nempel..maka semakin gret2an ricsyung shipper XD

      • hihihi udah nonton sampe ep 2, eric kasian amat ya nasibnya,,diremehin dimana-mana tapi emang kocak abis LOL

        sepertinya telat #RicSyung *sigh* kejauhan udah ini, udh ngecek di tumblr juga dan terheran-heran dgn keanehan mrk, tau gak, yg bikin aku makin tertarik sama hub mereka itu krn di Bigbang juga ada yg begitu, GD sama TOP dan mereka itu dulunya juga sama sekali gak awkward, bedanya kalo RS kan terang2an tuh musuhan (tapi cinta(?)) tapi GTOP itu lebih ke GD ngikutin mood nya TOP, makanya kalo moment2 langka mereka keliatan akrab jadinya para shipper hebooh maksimal #jadicurhat 😀

      • kkkk, aku pengen om eric maen drama romantic-comedy lagi deh… jangan yang sok sok cool gitu..aneh ah.. XD

        oh ya? kkk, pasti TOP nya 4D deh…XD
        semakin langka itu momen..maka semaki deg-deg serr para shipper XD

      • kkkk iya semoga dalam wktu dekat ya aamiin 😀

        hooh TOP 4D dan GD yg notabene leader itu sangat sabar dengan kelakuan hyungnya yg lumayan sering bikin kesal hihihihi
        iya bener bgt karena jarang2 liat, makanya sekali kejadian #apadah lgsng bikin perasaan campur2 XD

  3. A̶̲̥̅̊кʊ̈̇ melihat Shinhwa mulai awal mrk debut di SM kmdn mrk pecah dari SM. Mengikuti kasus2 mrk, kmdn vacum krn mrk akan menyelesaikan enlist mrk. Smp terkaget2 saat mrk comeback lagi dg “The Return”….yg paling kusuka saat mrk live show “Wild Eyes” di lapangan bola basket. Aaahhh….ternyata gw sdh tuir jg ya? A̶̲̥̅̊кʊ̈̇ mencintai mrk, kepribadian mrk, loyalitas mrk dan janji mrk thp SHJC. Eric I really really love you, Minwoo Can’t you kiss me too?, Dongwan I’m falling in love with you, Hyesung I can’t live without you, JJ I’m falling in love with you, Andy you’re my heart. Welcome to SHJC girl….this is our great fandom. Shit!!! They’re really handsome right?! *melting. Eusha Eusha fighting!!! (ง’̀⌣’́)ง

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