* About Me *


Besides a K-pop enthusiast, I am loving some of west groups as well as Maroon 5, Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR), Linkin Park, Westlife, and so on. After all, I’m enjoying music so much.

I love reading, even more than watching movies. In my case, reading a book can give more contentment and i’d have felt the emotion throughout the story in it more perfectly in the first place.

I don’t drink anything but coffee. Not the pure black coffee though, yet pretty addicted to cappuccino. I barely get a sip of tea, which is apparently soulmate of my mom. We indeed are different in taste.



My most Precious Treasures


Hi everyone! Long time no see kkkk just consider I was so busy –as if that was true ;p- so i’ve been only making a move now :p this time I wanna tell you about people I treasure the most. Who are they? Yes, my amazing family. Honestly, I miss them awfully yet have to go nowhere as I’m in duty which is definitely can’t be left currently. Continue reading