My most Precious Treasures


Hi everyone! Long time no see kkkk just consider I was so busy –as if that was true ;p- so i’ve been only making a move now :p this time I wanna tell you about people I treasure the most. Who are they? Yes, my amazing family. Honestly, I miss them awfully yet have to go nowhere as I’m in duty which is definitely can’t be left currently. My precious Mom & Dad live in Duri, my birth place, my sister and her family are running their lives in Batam and my brother live wherever he likes to, as his wife is working in Dumai and he is an employee of a company in Duri. And me myself, is accomplishing my degree in Pekanbaru. So I’m living separately from them all.

I just opened my photos folder and my homesick growing bigger in sudden. I’ve really never felt like this, I’m not this kind of person, who can be so weak and mellow just because seeing several photos. I’ll tell you each of them beautifully just like my love for them.

My mom is very filial housewife type, I can say she is a wonderful wife and mom as she treats us so perfectly. She loves cooking so much. I know that she wants me to have a willing to learn how to cook from her, but I always avoid it every time she asks me. I’m sorry mom, next in right time, I believe I’ll be a good chef for my future own family as well 😀

My dad, in other hand, is very wise. He always gives his best to beatify his family. And he has so much understanding for me, his problematic daughter. He also is dependable for our big family. I adore him more than everything in this universe. Even my friends like him as he’s so friendly and sincere. Not long ago I’d made him so hurt and yet he didn’t say anything and I got to know it from my brother. When I knew that he cried because of me, I was feeling like banging my head to the wall, I hated myself. My bro said I was the only person who could make our dad crying. I’m so worthless. Dad, please keep being healthy and I’ll make you becoming the happiest one! I promise! :’)

I’m the youngest in my family and my sister is the oldest. She’s married and has given me almost 4 super adorable niece and nephews. My current greatest longing is for them, honestly. Each of kids has their own cuteness as I hardly keep being sane whenever I’m with those brood. My sister, Santi will give a birth to her 4th son this month. Kakak, I know u’re so strong and is best mom to your babies, so just bare it a little bit more and you’ll absolutely be a forever blissful mom  :*

Last but not least, my great one and only brother, Rio. We have a very close relationship, and he is cool yet so loving person. He just got married last December with this kind woman. He’d never brought home anyone to be introduced until he met my sister in law, Nani. Indeed, she’s so special as I discovered many new good sides of my bro since she coming to his life. I hope both of you will be always live in harmony and be an incredible parents for your future kids, my upcoming nieces & nephews 😀

mom&razik, dad&ega :D

mom&razik, dad&ega 😀 (old photo)


beautiful mom and kid with grandpa as background :D

beautiful mom and kid with grandpa as background 😀

love this one! cute interaction of uncle and niece <3

love this one! cute interaction of uncle and niece ❤

my superb cute angels in pajamas

my superb cute angels in pajamas


3 years back, still sooooooo tiny kkk


3 years later, with new member lol, my handsome Abe :*

 Aaaahhhh miss them more!!! bye for now people! ^^?


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