TOP JOINED INSTAGRAM 💥💥💥👏👏👏👏💢💢 And it is not a dream! It is as real as our living lives people!😭
LOL yeahh you may think it’s just an ordinary thing that every day happens as people make an account either it’s twitter, instagram or other SNS. But u’ll understand my heart if u’re a VIP as well, moreover if u’re TOPstan just like me 😂😂


TOP's very 1st post 😄

TOP used to be an anti SNS. He didn’t like those kind of stuff. In few interviews he even said that SNS was not suitable with him and he’d rather do his work than being in SNS. He didn’t know how to take selfie or selca (and apparently he DOES know and actually IS king of selfie 😒😛😠) So according to that, i’d never expected this moment would ever occur 😱😱 i was so dumbfounded back then, on april 19 sunday night. I’ll never forget the precious date and time, forever.


Are trying to kill me babe? 😭

We, VIPs around the world feel like we’re given such a greatest gift as top making acc on instagram. Fandom were so full of joyment and people kept talking and screen caps top’s new and phenomenal account lol i’m not exaggerating trust me. Why did we feel utterly glad? Well With the acc he’s made, we finally have something to bridge us directly to him if we want to express our love, no matter whether or not he would read our messages. We have this hope to talk with him matters the most actually. our yearning of top’s whereabouts is totally so not simple.

Aaaaannndddd from his activities on instagram, I tell you guys, top is the most sensitive, unpredictable, sweetest, cheekiest, very honest, what else…what i’m trying to say is top is the adorable man i’ve ever known (yeah not in my real life, tho :)) 😍😍😍 he is very honest with his feelings, being so straight in replying fans’ comments. Some of his replies are just daebak lol he is so scary with his fierce comments hahaha
Ohh and the most recent one is he started following one of his very devoted fansites named UT.O.PiA!! Kyaaaa i’m so happy for them! TOP joined instagram is totally a bless for us lol
So here i give u some of top’s replies for fans on instagram ๐Ÿ™‚




So far, top has made some trends with his activities on instagram. He always shares pictures of various arts which mostly we (or me at the least) can’t tell what those pictures are. And he is so friendly to fans like he replied so many comments ( with honesty to death we found it amazing) and being so cheeky as he teased by word “merong” to fan who asked him not to leave instagram lol. The captions on top’s posts are so adorable and cute at the same time. He likes to ask us about something related to his posts with saying “do you like it?” In korean and english and he even made a super funny video of he sang “loser” playfully but then he removed the vid because so many comments said he was drunk while in fact he’s not, that’s ordinary him who people just haven’t been get used to. Ahh top also liked dozens pictures and videos and it’s not TOP if not kind of extraordinary. He liked photos with his handsome face on it? Normal. He liked Bigbang members funny pics? Normal. He liked art? He has to. But to this one, how do you explain your reasons of liking gloves which people use to wash the dishes, tahp?? Enlighten us please baeeebb lol
Yes, that is Choi Seung Hyun. He even uttered himself that his personality is so distinct so he always tends to find new sides of him. So i’ll keep on my mind that when top is being odd or weird, he is being himself so i’m accepting. Bingu is indeed different, people. I love him with all his weirdness and binguness 😚😘😂😂😂

After all, He made so great step to be close with his fans.VIPs are celebrating that unbelievable moment even until this very moment. We really will be so in grief if he’d leave or delete the precious acc later. Just yesterday a news released that he said currently he is enjoying instagram, but as he is sort of easy to get bored of something, he’ll leave instagram if the time comes 😭😥😣 i can’t imagine how’d my world become if he is really no longer on instagram.

Okayyy TOP as for currently you’re so into this SNS world as a rookie 😁, i’ll cherish all stuff you give us. Love ya!!!


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